Bizim siyasətimiz

The quality policy of the Company aims to fulfil clients’ requests, which are within the object and field of application of the Company and are covered by the contract, made with the accreditation body. To increase the level of quality our slogan is 

“Investment in Quality pays the highest Interest”

According to the adopted quality policy, the Company will exercise all the effects to increase the level of quality in the services given and activities performed.

According to the regulation published in the official newspaper, the aim of the Company is:

  1. a) to monitor the industrial developments in the field of nondestructive testing in abroad, and forward the gathered knowledge to our country,
  2. b) to establish a scientific environment to convince researchers to work in these fields and contribute to the development of the existing technology,
  3. c) to enable the training of government and private sector employees in the field of nondestructive testing,
  4. d) to do or provide the realization of every kind of scientific, technological and industrial research and application projects on the subject of improving the production quality of welded structures,
  5. e) to cooperate with national and international institutions in this field,
  6. f)  to organize conferences, symposiums and scientific meetings on this field, and make publications,
  7. g) To assist clients, goverment agencies, shipping companies and other bodies associated with the Non-destructive testing services and radiographic fully satisfying the demands of states and international Legislation.

Our Quality Assurance System  planned, implemented, supervised, documented, maintained and improved by the staff of the company with the slogan

“Do whatever you write, write whatever you do”

Tested pieces and results of tests which are carried out by the Company, and all related records and documentation are treated as confidential. Such information may not be passed on to persons or parties not involved in the matter or not affiliated with the Company or the related customer.


  • – To maintain the higest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationship with out suppliers,     subcontractors, professional associates and customers
  • – To making the name CN. Co LTD synonymous with quality, safety and a commitment to environmental responsbility.