Качество, Здоровье и Безопасность

In this paper, and politics “CN Co. LTD” is the most important Health, Labour Organisation and Environment. Safety primary responsibility of each and it has a great impact on the quality and quantity of work performed.
Environmental protection, security and health care of all Company employees, contractors or in any way involved in the process of work personnel, the Company is tselyu during the work.
The company’s management and employees are investing every effort to prevent accidents, to prevent pollution, comply with all safety requirements of the existing legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic, international standards and norms.
Each employee of the Company in fulfilling its responsibilities for security, first of all must be responsible and must ensure compliance with the following:

·        Provide training and awareness of safety at a high level;
·        Provide an effective system to monitor the health of workers;
·        Identify and secure a safe working systems and practices;
·        To ensure safe operation of all equipment;
·        Teach employees of the Company effective action for any kind of accident;
·        Ensure that the Company’s employees, according to safety requirements and the requirements of the Company the necessary clothing and equipment;