“CN Co. LTD”  provides non-destructive testing services, also the latest technology solutions of the quality control in NDT or other industries. “Quality Control Laboratory of weld and construction materials” was established in 1973 in Baku Azerbaijan, under the control of subdivision of “State Oil Company Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR)”. In 2005 this organization with all technical foundation re-established to “CN Co. LTD” Quality Control Technologies Company which aimed to non-destructive testing service providing for the energy sectors including pipelines for gas and oil transmission. One of the founders of our company Jabiyev Azer is the first one who implements Ultrasonic Testing in Azerbaijan in 1959, so that work experience of our organization is more than 50 years. The main activity of “CN Co. LTD” is an Inspection Services, quality control of metals and welding joints. We mainly service pipeline construction, petrochemical industries, refineries and tank farms. Also we paid attention to the training of non-destructive testing, technical assistance for various projects and etc. We are constantly expanding the scope of our business and providing customers and partners with new methods of non-destructive testing and diagnostics. In order to succeed in current competitive environment, “CN Co. LTD” provides nondestructive testing and diagnostics in the most cost-effective and efficient  Company “CN Co. LTD”, is licensed by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan Republic and is accredited by the State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and Patent of Azerbaijan Republic. Due to professional personnel and latest technology  “CN Co. LTD” successfully participated in many local and international projects, exhibitions and conferences.Since 2005 still now general director of “CN Co. LTD” is Azer Jabiyev’s son Nijat Jabiyev.